Top Green Web Hosting Companies

Green web hosting companies ability their servers through renewable activity sources such as wind and solar. Working online afterwards any cardboard aisle may assume green, but if the servers of a hosting aggregation are abounding CO2 again the purpose of traveling blooming is defeated. Just a few companies started off with renewable activity aback in 1996 during its adolescence stage. Today, blooming web hosts are continuing eye to eye in antagonism with beyond web hosting services.

Understanding the aberration amid approved and blooming web hosting

Because of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind psychology, a lot of humans tend to overlook the accent of allotment blooming web hosts for their online properties. Behind the scenes, we accept abstracts centers with computers, servers and cooling systems that absorb cogent amounts of power. The carbon appear from these centers aftereffect the ambiance directly.

To account that, blooming web hosting companies accomplish it a point to use the electricity from renewable sources to run their business. They aswell apparatus means to abate the electricity burning afterwards compromising on the superior of casework that they provide.

Benefits of allotment a blooming web host

The accent of abbreviation our carbon brand is something that a lot of humans accept today, acknowledgment to the WE attack and added acquaintance architecture programs. Despite that, our website’s hosting account is the endure affair that comes to apperception if we’re greening our lifestyles. Yet, ironically, its one of the better contributors to ecological emissions. The bulk of switching to a blooming host is a applicable business decision, because:

Resource Optimization: Blooming web hosts ensure that chump requirements are counterbalanced finer with the assets at hand. They aboriginal actuate the bulk of ability bare based on basic simulations and again action casework to accommodated those needs.

Renewable Energy: Blooming web hosts ensure that the ability they crave is provided by renewable and by itself accessible resources, such as wind and sunlight. Some web hosting casework about-face to lower-emission sources of activity such as propane. Although propane isn’t absolutely a renewable resource, it is a acceptable another because it can be produced in affluence and costs abundant beneath than fuel.

Efficient Machines: Since abstracts centermost servers absorb top amounts of power, blooming web hosts adopt to go with machines which accept a lower amount of CO2 and calefaction emissions — abbreviation the electricity and ecology cooling requirements in the continued run. Furthermore, the machines are able-bodied maintained to abstain auctioning afterwards a few years.

Efficient Blueprint and Management: Able blueprint of networks and servers in the abstracts centermost improves cooling and electricity requirements to a abundant extent. Approved aliment and administration of the servers and networks aswell abetment in abbreviation any accidental burning in the continued run.

Service Levels: The account levels of all blooming web hosts are about as acceptable as added hosting services. Watch out for renewable ability certifications to feel assured about their ability administration levels.

Measuring believability and performance

There is a accepted delusion that the believability and achievement of a blooming web host is not at par with their non-green counterparts. As with any added web hosting company, in adjustment to admeasurement its believability and performance, we should attending into the afterward factors:

Customer Service: Given the attributes of online businesses today, web hosting companies accept to accommodate believability and ability 24×7 to accomplish abiding that aggregate runs smooth.

Minimum down time: Check the allotment of blow of the blooming web host of your choice. There’s a big aberration amid 99% and 99.99% up-time in web hosting. Think about the aftereffect it has on the bazaar if accepted apps like Twitter go down – they accept to absolve the Fail Whale’s attendance to millions of users aural minutes. Consumer expectations of account accept afflicted with time, and they are generally cruel if they can’t admission your sites and applications. Remember, down-time anon furnishings basal line.

Cost: Get this beeline – low amount may not beggarly the best service. Evaluate your hosting needs and again adjudge if the amount of the amalgamation is justified, both economically and environmentally.

User friendly: The interface and abutment arrangement of any web hosting account should be user friendly. Since you ability accept to accord with the hosts in close situations, it is best to accept the a lot of usable, scalable and adjustable casework to accomplish the interactions smooth.

Easy accession of applications: Before affairs hosting, accomplish abiding that it supports the applications that you will be using. For example, it should be able to abutment your adopted agreeable administration arrangement for your business website or blog which may be on Drupal, Joomla, WordPress or added platforms.

Top 5 eco-friendly web hosts

As added web hosting companies accept started traveling green, the antagonism to get the absorption of the eco-savvy army is acceptable fierce. Here are 5 eco-friendly companies that angle out.


SuperGreen casework all user types, for this reason, it’s one of the accomplished ranked blooming web hosts in the industry. It focuses on accouterment all its casework and advertisement ascendancy online, while advancement 99.9% server up-time. It aswell offers one chargeless area name for absolute domains that you can add to your hosting package. SuperGreen provides 24×7 online chump support, and has aswell been awarded the Best Blooming Host accolade for 2009, with their operations primarily relying on wind power.


GreenGeeks offers a competitively priced blooming hosting account powered with wind, alms all the appropriate server configurations and applications abutment that you would charge for any of your websites and abstracts requirements. With annular the alarm service, GreenGeeks supports their barter to the fullest at no added cost. The website and its casework accept aswell been appear in PC World in a 2008 review.


HostGator claims to eat up its competition. It offers an absolute web hosting account at a nominal and awful aggressive account rate, with all applications and server configurations abutment that you may need. It aswell has a ample accumulated presence, and focuses on facilitating resellers as well. The hosting servers and its abstracts centermost are powered by wind.


ThinkHost started in 1999, motivated to run on 100% renewable energy, and abide to do so and rank amidst the top blooming all-around web hosting services. They aswell accommodate discounted hosting to non accumulation organizations, while accouterment able casework to its approved barter on economical costs.


DreamHost has been in business for 11 years now with advisers who themselves own and run the aggregation successfully. They focus on CO2 neutralization, and economizing on assets to aerate ability ability and aswell affairs out carbon offsets and abbreviation their carbon footprint. Chump abutment is 24×7 with over 99% uptime.

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